Workshops & Retreats


Workshops and Retreats are great ways to spend focused time on a theme, in the company of other like-minded folks.  Gather your friends and choose a topic.  I’ll create a workshop or retreat experience specifically for you and your tribe.



Workshops typically run for either a half day or a full day.  All my workshops are interactive.  That means you aren’t just sitting in a chair listening to a lecture.  The workshops are full of activities, questions, and opportunities to share your thoughts with others.  Boring just isn’t acceptable.



Retreats typically run for two to five days and include overnight stays at the retreat site.  Like the workshops, retreats are interactive.  The extended stay allows for additional experiences and activities we typically don’t have time for in the workshops.

Retreats give you an opportunity to get away from it all and nurture yourself.  During the retreat, you will have time to do some self-reflection, make new friends, engage in fun activities, and let your hair down.  They are intended to offer you the opportunity for significant self-growth and self-awareness.


I would love to plan a workshop or retreat for Your group.  If you don’t have a group right now, keep an eye on the Events page for upcoming Workshops and Retreats.


If you would like for me to create a Workshop or Retreat experience for your group, or if you would like to join a Workshop or Retreat already scheduled, please contact me via the button below.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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