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Tracy Coan’s coaching is flexible, fun, illuminating, and pivotal.

Some of my best thinking has been done while talking to her, and I trust her deeply.

– Eric Ludeke, Tulsa, OK





Being coached by Tracy made me realize what a fantastic experience it can be to work with such a coach — to have someone listen to you, care about your progress, keep you accountable and be there to support you at every moment.

Tracy helped me to consciously make an effort to identify my strengths and limits. It was so crucial for me that I define clearly who I am as a person. With her work, I was able to identify the obstacles I face in my life and to take concrete steps to overcome them.

In fact, I appreciated so much Tracy’s support and enthusiasm on every call we had. I was always looking forward to our session and knew I would come away feeling motivated and energized. Thank you for your determination, Tracy!

– Ndeye Seck, Senegal





Tracy was phenomenal! It was clear to me that she had natural abilities when it comes to coaching. I felt she was was truly present and deeply involved in whatever I was sharing, but not once did she fall down with me, even when things seemed tough. I always felt much more optimistic after our talks and very motivated to accomplish whatever homework I decided to have for that week.

I remember making great progress in my business goals, but I wasn’t noticing it. Tracy made sure I paid attention, and I was surprised to discover the importance of having someone showing me my own accomplishments from the outside. Also, towards the end of our sessions, I was struggling with several issues and having Tracy’s support had really helped me get through this difficult period.

Even though it’s been a year already (!!) I still feel the impact of our sessions.

– Tania Lanin, Israel

. . . even though I may have been able to pull myself back up, with Tracy by my side I would get to where I want to be twice as fast – and have a lot more fun along the way!

After having predominantly cared for my son (who was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition at age 2) for 5 years, I met Tracy at just the right moment in my life. Things were beginning to get a little easier and I was ready to reevaluate where I was going with my life. At first I thought that I would need to sleep for 3 months in order to get my energy back and I consulted her about finding a way to reduce and simplify my situation. Tracy took a different approach and without me really noticing she guided me towards adding a little bit of metaphorical “cake eating” into each day and week. Adding a bit of fun and things I loved doing back into my life had an instantly energizing effect and I hadn’t felt so inspired and happy in years! It quickly became addictive and realizing that I would not get a chance to sleep for 3 months in my situation anyway, I happily changed course under Tracy’s direction. A course that is headed straight for creative fulfillment and getting the chance to express myself through my work again.

After 7 months of working with Tracy I was doing well and felt that I had a handy tool box full of strategies at the ready to deal with obstacles and the forever present sleep deprivation. I told her I was ready to sail my own ship for a bit. The following week was horrendous and full of challenges and I came crawling back… It was suddenly crystal clear, that even though I may have been able to pull myself back up, with Tracy by my side I would get to where I want to be twice as fast – and have a lot more fun along the way!

Tracy is much more than a keen listener and calling her “a good friend who lends an ear” is a vast underestimation of her finely honed professional coaching skills. Together with a varied array of life experiences she is the rare kind “who gets it”. No matter what you throw at her, she has a magic trick up her sleeve that enables you to make the best of a situation, be true to yourself and allow yourself to shine in the midst of it all. Not a session goes by where we don’t giggle together. She keeps it fun and upbeat. Even my husband commented the other day when I resurfaced after my session with Tracy, “I like that I you are working with a coach. Things are rubbing off and changing for me, as well.”

– Franziska Neumann,  New Mexico

Tracy let me know early on that I could get to my goal by little steps or big leaps.  Both are fine and will get me where I need to go.  What she did not tell me was how those little steps would help me trust myself to take a huge leap . . . which landed me flat on my face.  This is where the true learning began.  Tracy was right beside me the whole time.  She had me on my feet within 48 hours though.  And when I got back to my feet, I began dancing . . . twirls, booty shaking, struts, and any other silly move the music brought out in me.  The goals I first set were so insignificant compared to what I gained through being coached by her.  And landing on my face?  Life changing . . . towards the life I always wanted.  It forced me to have important conversations with my husband which redirected the path towards our goals as a couple.  More importantly, landing on my face shook loose something inside I had believed about myself that I never knew was present, something that was not pretty.  In fact, I would have laughed if someone had suggested I believed such a thing.  The whole coaching process with her is what I needed in order to know that I can accomplish absolutely anything…and that it doesn’t even have to be hard work!   All fear is gone.  Never to return. 

Without Tracy, I may have never taken that leap, I may have never fallen, and I sure wouldn’t have had someone cheer at my dance moves after I got back to my feet.  I am still dancing and she is still cheering.  If the music happens to stop, I know who I will call to turn it back on and maybe even crank up the volume.

Shonnie Scheer, Italy







From the moment Tracy and I met, (on the phone) I “knew” she was “it” for me as my personal life coach!  She has the following innate abilities that make her  an exceptional and extraordinary Life Coach:

  • She listens deeply — uses her laser-like focus and gets to the core of whatever I’ve been stuck in and quickly turns them into possibilities for me to move forward in — (Tracy is a Possibilities Catalyst) — she is a Transformational Life Coach.
  • Her innate ability to express through her words . . . compassion, humor, straight-forward thoughts, catalystic ideas that turn into potential realities, with openness and a willingness to explore and give insights meaning and depth — that I would get excited about turning these possibilities into action in my own life . . . going beyond . . . “cheering” me on . . .
  • Her ability to be non-judgmental in whatever I decided gave me the space to choose what I felt was right for me in our sessions together.
  • Tracy innately created a safe space for me to not only explore these ideas . . . our time together was always one of collaboration, creation and support, knowing I am/was always fully responsible for whatever actions I chose at the time.
  • Her ability to be fully present and available with her presence, sharing her essence in assisting and supporting me with whatever was there for me . . . personally . . . and professionally was/is exceptional!
  • Self-care, which includes nurturance and nourishment of the Soul, (mental, physical, and spiritual) is important to her . . .
  • I had to change our appointments several times in the winter/spring of 2012 as I had pneumonia/bronchitis for 3 months!  Her understanding and compassion was evident in making these necessary changes with our sessions.

I highly recommend Tracy Coan as a Life Coach — she is the Best!  She lives in “walking her talk” and her retreats/classes are all about the Person — who they are on the Inside — the Soul — the Heart of each individual — her passion to want to go into “the Heart of people,” one person at a time, is who she is and she so enjoys seeing and experiencing others’ changes . . .

Tracy is a Life Coach Shaman . . . she has and continues to walk alongside me on my journey, witnessing all changes I choose in/for my life.

It is an honor and a privilege to have her my my Life Coach.

– Cynthia Starr
President/Clarity Catalyst for the Soul
HeartSpeak International

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